Dermatologists now have an official voice in the state of Nevada to advocate for the policies important to us and our patients.

NSDDS Advocacy support allows us to track, communicate and take action on legislative and regulatory policies of importance to dermatologists / dermatologic surgeons, their patients and stakeholders.


NSDDS offers opportunities for dermatologists and dermatologic surgeons to lead and influence legislative and regulatory policymaking in our state.


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Jennifer DePry, DO is the NSDDS state advisory board member representative. Please reach out to her directly should you have any questions or an issue to bring to the state advisory committee, email Jennifer at


November 2021 AAD Advisory Board Update

  • Highlights from the November 2021 AMA Special Meeting: The AMA's bi-annual meeting of the House of Delegates took place Nov. 12-16. Important issues included rural health inequities, strengthening public health systems, closing the gap of the uninsured, tackling health misinformation and much more. Read more here.

  • AMA Scope of Practice: The AADA works closely with the AMA to oppose scope of practice expansion efforts nationwide. The AADA has been a Steering Committee member of the AMA Scope of Practice Partnership (SOPP) since its inception in 2006. The AMA SOPP has awarded more than $2 million dollars to state medical and national special societies to retain physician-led team-based care. Most recent grants will support 2020 legislative campaigns in Indiana, Pennsylvania and South Dakota. Additional information concerning the AMA’s scope efforts can be found here.

  • Urge iPLEDGE sponsors to delay implementation of its new platform: The AADA recently celebrated the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) decision to reclassify patients into two risk categories. While the AADA was pleased with this update, additional changes have been made to the iPLEDGE program. On Dec. 13, 2021, iPLEDGE sponsors will implement a new platform for physicians, patients, and pharmacies. The rapid rollout of this new system will create challenges for dermatologists and their patients, potentially impeding or delaying patient access to isotretinoin.

  • 2022 AAD Annual Meeting: Registration for the Academy’s 2022 Annual Meeting is now open for physician, life and honorary members. This live, in-person event will take place March 25-29, in Boston, and will feature hundreds of educational sessions, a bustling exhibit hall and the opportunity to reconnect with your colleagues. Register now to receive early bird pricing

  • This month’s state policy update can be accessed at this link.

Advocacy accomplishments

  • NSDSS was granted an Ignite Grant from the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery Association (ASDSA) to address safety in medical spa facilities, the Med Spa Safety Act.  We will be using this grant to work on improving patient care and helping to ensure that all facilities performing cosmetic procedures are providing proper supervision of providers. The grant will give us hands-on assistance in navigating the legislative process and the funding critical to successfully advocate for patient safety related state legislation. Hiring a lobbyist and strategizing for next year’s session will be our priority.

  • In May 2019, Nevada became the 21st state to allow students to possess and use sunscreen in school. Governor Sisolak signed State Bill 159, which also enables children to wear sun protective clothing and allows schools to teach sun safe behaviors. This law was based on the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery Association (ASDSA) SUNucate model legislation. The NSDDS played an active role in advocating for the passage of this legislation and feel that this is a crucial policy for protecting young Nevadans.