Dermatologists now have an official voice in the state of Nevada to advocate for the policies important to us and our patients.

NSDDS Advocacy support allows us to track, communicate and take action on legislative and regulatory policies of importance to dermatologists / dermatologic surgeons, their patients and stakeholders.


NSDDS offers opportunities for dermatologists and dermatologic surgeons to lead and influence legislative and regulatory policymaking in our state.


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Jennifer DePry, DO is the NSDDS state advisory board member representative. Please reach out to her directly should you have any questions or an issue to bring to the state advisory committee, email Jennifer at

March 2021 AAD Advisory Board Update

The AAD Advisory Board is a year-round, two-way street of information. Please alert me to any issues that arise that may benefit from my involvement in the AAD Advisory Board. Here are the latest updates:

  • Advisory Board Meetings: Please find enclosed a summary of the General Business Meeting.  Special thanks to all our featured guest speakers:

    • Terrence Cronin, MD, FAAD – A Decade of Review: Advisory Board Resolutions

    • George Hruza, MD, MBA, FAAD – SkinPAC Update

    • Sandra Lee Rebish, MD, FAAD aka Dr. Pimple Popper

    • Susan Taylor, MD, FAAD – Academy Initiatives

  • Cigna Reward Program: Cigna recently announced a reward program that promises to provide a $500 debit card to patients who switch from Cosentyx.  Late 2020, the AADA advocated to Cigna through conference calls and a letter, about its non-medical formulary change to exclude Cosentyx.  However, Cigna proceeded to implement a formulary change that went into effect January 1, 2021, to exclude Cosentyx from its preferred formulary.  As part of the formulary change, the carrier has a prior approval process for those patients currently treated with Cosentyx, in which physicians may submit a request for prior approval and Cigna will review each request on a case-by-case basis. Now however, Cigna is offering a $500 debit card to those on Cosentyx to switch to an alternative medication on its formulary.  

The AADA has initiated dialogue with Cigna to voice concerns about on this program.  Stay tuned for future updates on this emerging issue. AAD members are asked to share their experience with other payers who have a similar rewards program promoting non-medical switching and the impact it has on patient care by contacting or share your experience through the AADA payer online form.

  • AADA Urges Sun Pharma to Help Modernize iPLEDGE: On March 11, AADA representatives met with Sun Pharma, one of the iPLEDGE sponsors, to discuss ways to modernize the program and increase appropriate access to isotretinoin. The AADA shared recommendations that would improve contraceptive options and counseling, reduce attestation frequency for patients who are not able to become pregnant, allow alternative/flexible options for follow-up evaluation of patients, and improve the iPLEDGE gender classification scheme. The Sun representatives, including leading regulatory staff, described the way that iPLEDGE sponsors collaborate and the process that could lead to making changes in the program.  They will be taking the AADA recommendations to the other sponsors for consideration. Further communications with Sun are expected in the coming weeks. Because the recommendations are not directly related to safety, they would not expect the FDA to require the changes, but the FDA could be receptive if the sponsors recommend improvements.

  • Register for the AAD VMX: The Virtual Meeting Experience (VMX) will take place April 23-25, 2021. During AAD VMX, members will be able to stream over 75 sessions covering the full breadth of dermatology; including more than 65 hours of live elements, Q&A with faculty, award-winning plenary speakers, ePosters, and late-breaking research presentations. Members will also have the opportunity to visit the interactive exhibit hall, industry sessions, and lounges to connect with exhibitors and other attendees. Register here.

  • Summer Resolutions: The call for resolutions will open early May.

  • AAD Summer Meeting: The 2021 AAD Summer Meeting is scheduled to take place August 5-8, 2021, at the Tampa Convention Center. Registration opens late May. More information will be coming soon.

This month’s state policy update can be accessed at this link.


March 2021 State Advisory Board General Meeting Summary

December 2020 state policy.

July 2020 state policy.


June 2020 state policy.

May 2020 state policy.

April 2020 state policy.

March 2020 State Advisory Board General Meeting Summary.

February 2020 state policy.


Advocacy accomplishments

  • NSDSS was granted an Ignite Grant from the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery Association (ASDSA) to address safety in medical spa facilities, the Med Spa Safety Act.  We will be using this grant to work on improving patient care and helping to ensure that all facilities performing cosmetic procedures are providing proper supervision of providers. The grant will give us hands-on assistance in navigating the legislative process and the funding critical to successfully advocate for patient safety related state legislation. Hiring a lobbyist and strategizing for next year’s session will be our priority in 2020.

  • In May 2019, Nevada became the 21st state to allow students to possess and use sunscreen in school. Governor Sisolak signed State Bill 159, which also enables children to wear sun protective clothing and allows schools to teach sun safe behaviors. This law was based on the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery Association (ASDSA) SUNucate model legislation. The NSDDS played an active role in advocating for the passage of this legislation and feel that this is a crucial policy for protecting young Nevadans.



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